Our Story

Welcome to Larkspur Baby Company.  My name is Sherrie Olson.

Clothing and fashion are one of my greatest passions. As a young girl growing up, I spent countless hours beside my grandmother, Irene, designing, cutting and sewing outfits I found in fashion magazines that I wanted to wear. She was able to design and produce a pattern that was very similar and a perfect fit for me. I always loved what she came up with and to her credit, I was voted the best dressed girl in the school yearbook.

I attended college with a scholarship in Theatre Arts. Part of the curriculum was a course in costume design. There, I was able to use some of the skills my grandmother taught me while working beside her as she designed.

After college, I ended up going into the financial industry for 20 years and eventually founded a mortgage company that I owned from 1990 to 2004, at which time I was able to sell the company. It was a wonderful experience, but I missed the creative piece of designing.

I am a mother to two adult daughters and as they and their friends started having children, I was looking to buy baby gifts for my daughters and shower gifts for friends of theirs. I saw limitations in soft, breathable fabrics that are eco-friendly, and affordable. It’s so easy to fall in love with those darling little pieces and the wheels started turning on ideas for fabric and design. I wanted to create a kids and infant brand of clothes but needed a manufacturer to help with production. I sought out and found a manufacturer and with them, co-founded Larkspur Baby Company. It has been such a rewarding experience to come up with fabrics, prints and styles for your little ones. Together, while partnering with the manufacturer, we can offer these clothes at a more affordable price for similar quality as other baby brands.

We are delighted to share our clothing brand with you! We have designed and made clothing to keep your baby comfortable all day and night, by making the most soft and organic baby clothing. 

We chose the name, Larkspur Baby Company, because the Larkspur flower represents everything we feel when we look at our children. Our clothing is natural, made with love and purity, which perfectly represents the love between mother and child.

As our brand expands, we promote practices that are environmentally friendly and sustainable while created in an ethical working atmosphere. 

xo, Sherrie